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Calibrating the Mini MesoDome

The Mini MesoDome requires some special calibration since it's not able to rotate more than 360 degrees. Calibration won't take that long, and is absolutely required for proper operation.

Centering the Servo

Since the Mini MesoDome won't rotate a full 360, we need to manually set the center point. Follow these steps if your dome servos don't turn left and right equal distances. You won't normally have to take this step, as we center each servo before we ship them.

  1. Open the calibration wizard.
  2. Click the “Center Servo” button.
  3. The camera may be looking to the left or right of center, make a note of the direction and distance.
  4. Remove the bottom lock bolt holding the rotating pan assembly. (thus removing the tilt and camera).
  5. Re-install the rotating pan assembly so the camera is facing straight forward. (don't over tighten the lock nut or the pan won't be able to rotate!)
  6. Use the slider to fine tune the center location.

Setting Left and Right Degree

With version 1.000 this is really easy to do. Using the circle, estimate how much the dome can turn to the left and right.

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