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Calibrating the MesoDome

Calibration is critical to the proper operation of your MesoDome. Poor calibration will diminish the ability of your MesoDome Controller to track locations.

Initial Calibration

Initial pan and tilt calibration is done by clicking “Controller”, then “Calibrate Pan / Tilt”. Follow the instructions in the wizard to calibrate your controller.

Fine Tuning Your MesoDome

Notes: We've found it easiest to use a long, straight road to assist in calibration. Pull your vehicle onto the road (in the middle if possible) so you can square in your calibration points. Choose a road that isn't busy obviously. You'll use the video preview and the road to help determine the best calibration location. This won't take long, but needs to be done with care and precision.

The MesoDome can be fine tuned by following these steps:

  1. Deploy the MesoDome on your chase vehicle.
  2. Mount your camera to the MesoDome & switch on.
  3. Click “Controller” → “Calibrate Pan / Tilt”.
  4. Click “Start Preview”.
  5. Click “Next”.
  6. Adjust the slider so the camera is facing directly forward. Use the video preview and a long straight road to help calibrate.
  7. Use the same technique for left rear and right rear.
  8. Test calibration.
  9. Repeat if necessary.
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