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2011 was a big year for MesoDome. We took our prototype on many storm chases. Through that period, we made significant advancements and improvements to the MesoDome. The videos below were taken with the MesoDome prototype during 2011. Using the data we collected from the prototype, we've developed a truly amazing product. See the early versions below, and don't forget to turn up to 1080p full screen!

Lake Paradise - Gays, IL tornado 6-15-2011

In this video, we're chasing with the new prototype Rain Free Dome (RFD) for the Original MesoDome. It works great, but always ends up in the shot. Current production models include a system to ensure the wiper always stops out of frame. Fogging also developed inside the dome during this chase. The addition of a ventilation system has been incorporated into the production model to defog the dome.

4-19-2011 Litchfield (Honey Bend) Illinois Tornado

This is the first tornado filmed with MesoDome hardware and software. While we're nowhere close to the perfect vantage point, we were able to film the tornado during it's strongest moments.

4-15-11 Western Illinois Cold Core Supercells

This video shows how awesome high speed playback is with a dome. Time lapse all the way! If you get bored, skip ahead to 1:55 for some strong rotation near the ground!

4-5-11 Iowa Double Funnels

This is the first storm chase using the MesoDome Controller. It uses GPS information to aim and track targets.

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