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MesoDome Storm

A strong and sturdy platform for your handheld video camera

The MesoDome Storm is a third generation storm chasing camera dome designed for today's professional storm chaser. Utilizing the camera of your choice, the MesoDome platform allows for 360° unobstructed view. The controller software uses pinpoint accurate map based tracking to keep your shot in frame. It's even possible to track a moving target while in motion! Multiple attachments are available such as the RFD, and Zoom control!

The MesoDome Storm prototype with its protective shipping cover. The Storm features a high flow ventilation system designed to keep out water and elimiate condensation inside the dome.


The MesoDome Storm is a mid sized camera dome with a 1/4" 14" around and 7" tall acrylic dome. The acrylic dome is formed with high strength scratch resistant plastic, and is 4 times stronger than glass of similar thickness. An oversized electronics box provides plenty of room for equipment. The Storm is designed for roof rack or magnet mount applications.

450 degrees of rotation

The Storm can rotate an astounding 450 degrees. This allows the camera to stay on target even longer, assuring you don't miss the shot. Advanced auto tracking automatically turns the camera around when maximum rotation is exceeded. In addition, the tilt servos can look nearly straight up (85 degrees).

Plenty of room for future expansion

The Storm is built with a large electronics box that accommodates future additions to the dome. Currently, MesoDome offers several optional items for the Storm with more on the way.

Advanced Vibration Isolation System (AVIS)

Video demonstrates driving on coarse rock while auto-tracking. The camera can rotate beyond 360 degrees, and automatically flips around once it exceeds the end point. Rock drives are the toughest terrain from which to capture quality video. This video shows the Original MesoDome (discontinued). The MesoDome Storm outperforms our Original MesoDome in every category.

The MesoDome Storm is optionally mounted to a set of advanced vibration and shock isolators, which provide an extremely stable platform, even on a rough road. These isolators were specifically designed to provide optimal performance removing high and medium frequency road vibrations. The isolators also absorb severe bumps in the road.

Side view of the MesoDome Storm showing its ventilation ductwork.

Zoom Control

The MesoDome Storm can utilize one of two different options to control camera zoom. If your camera has an infrared remote controller, you can emulate the remote control by using the IR Controller. If you camera is LANC ready, you can use a wired remote control to zoom in and out. Read more.

Software included

The MesoDome Controller software application is included with a MesoDome Storm. This software unlocks the full abilities of a MesoDome Camera Dome. This software allows chasers to "Lock On" to a location or moving target. Check it out!

Most small handheld cameras will fit

Most small handheld cameras of recent (5 years) design will fit inside the Storm. Some lenses, lens caps, and larger prosumer cameras will not fit. A side by side 3D GoPro will fit properly in the Storm. If you're really concerned about fit, just contact us with the camera dimensions and we'll check for you. We recommend flash card based cameras, over hard drive cameras. MiniDV cameras are not recommended due to tape changing requirements. A camera is NOT included with the MesoDome Storm.

Mounting options

We've designed the Storm for roof rack or magnetic mount configurations.

Roof rack mount is the preferred method to mount the Storm. If your vehicle isn't equipped with a roof rack, there are several manufacturers that make aftermarket roof racks that could work with the MesoDome. Yakima and Thule are well known quality rack manufacturers.

Specifications available here

Price: $2,499.99

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Updated 09-18-2016 B.E.

MesoDome LLC makes no guarantees on our domes' ability to withstand hail.