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Mini Rain Free Dome (RFD) attachment

Dome cams have a single major drawback

All dome cameras suffer from a single significant problem. Rain. While stopped, moderate to heavy rain can significantly obscure vision. While driving, the forward facing areas are often obscured by mist from vehicles ahead. The rear areas often pool water while moving, completely obscuring any vision. Even light sprinkles can quickly deteriorate video quality.

A simple inexpensive solution

The Mini RFD is a scaled down and simplified version of the larger RFD. With a 360° rotating wiper, the Mini RFD can quickly and effectively clear rain from the dome. The wiper system plugs into a 12v accessory outlet and comes with a small control box. Unlike it's bigger brother, this wiper is manually controlled.

Standard features


Price: $359.99

Updated 01-11-2015 B.E.