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What is a MesoDome?

A MesoDome is a computer controlled robotic camera dome that mounts to the top of your vehicle, and provides up to a 360° view. All MesoDome camera domes are controlled by the MesoDome Controller, a Windows based tornado tracking and camera management application. The acrylic, stainless, steel, and aluminum construction provide lightweight strength built to withstand harsh weather conditions, year after year.


How does it work?

A MesoDome camera dome is connected to a Windows based PC with a USB cable. The included MesoDome Controller application interfaces with the electronics in the dome, and a serial GPS connection from your GPS. After following a calibration procedure the dome is aware of its location, and the camera heading. This opens the door to automated tracking that "locks on" to the GPS location selected.

There are multiple methods to control the camera pan and tilt. Some methods include, a wireless Xbox style joystick, flight stick joystick, click able buttons, or clicking on a simulated dome image. Right click on the moving map display and your camera will automatically track the target. Track a moving target while moving. Read more.

In this video Brad Emel shows how the Mini MesoDome (version 1.0) works with the MesoDome Controller. Current Mini MesoDome version is 2.0.

What are the benefits of a MesoDome?

Read more about the MesoDome Storm, Mini MesoDome GoPro Edition, Mini MesoDome, or Controller Software.

What value does the MesoDome bring to storm chasers?

Updated 01-11-2015 B.E.