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Mini MesoDome

Affordable camera dome

The Mini MesoDome is a fully functional robotic camera dome designed for storm chasers on a budget. It is half the size of our MesoDome Storm and uses the same powerful controller software. The Mini includes a 720p HD webcam installed on a robotic system that allows up to 330° of rotation. In the past year this dome has withstood countless encounters with large hail. Baseball size hail in West Texas didn't damage the dome, but did quite a bit of damage to the vehicle. Maximum value, minimal price; this little dome is perfect for today's live streamers.


Improve live stream quality

Break free from the visibility limits of a dash cam. With 360° of rotation the Mini MesoDome can stream video from all directions. Use the included MesoDome Controller to aim and track storms. Stream live video with streaming software of your choice! Includes a 720p HD webcam.

Mounting Options

The MesoDome Mini is available in two different configurations. For chasers with a clean roof, a magnetic mount configuration is most desirable. Four-20 lbs magnets securely attach the dome to your vehicle. A roof rack mount is also available. The roof rack option uses two 24" aluminum tubes that securely mount to your roof rack.

The Mini MesoDome and optional wiper in the magnetic mount configuration. Wiper blade not pictured.

Software Included

Included with each dome purchase is the MesoDome Controller software application. Track moving targets and keep your shot while you drive around! This software harnesses the full abilities of a MesoDome Camera Dome. Check it out!

In this video Brad Emel shows how the Mini MesoDome (version 1.0) works with the MesoDome Controller.

The Mini MesoDome is 12" x 12" x 11". Add 4" width if using magnetic mounts.

Standard features

Optional accessories

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Price: $899.99

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Updated 09-18-2016 B.E.

MesoDome LLC makes no guarantees on our domes' ability to withstand hail.