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The MesoDome Controller is a software application which interfaces with a MesoDome. Utilizing advanced algorithms the controller is aware of the camera's position. GPS map based tracking allow the controller to automatically aim the camera, and adjust for vehicle heading changes. This ability allows the camera to remain on target while turning. A MesoDome will significantly increase the quality of your video and live stream, making it much more marketable.


Map based tracking

The biggest benefit to the MesoDome Controller is map based camera tracking. Aiming the camera is as simple as right clicking on a GPS oriented map. The software keeps the camera watching the chosen GPS location, while you move! Even better, the software can track a moving target. This feature allows you to estimate the speed and heading of the storm, eliminating the need to continually reposition the camera.

This video shows the MesoDome Controller in action. Watch how you can set the watch point on the moving map display. You can also make the watch point move, making it easier to track storms. A dome control panel helps you visualize the direction your camera is pointed.

Manual controls

If you're up close and personal with the storm, you can turn off automatic tracking and use the well developed manual control system. All that's required is any Windows compatible joystick. It's easy to assign functions such as zoom in, record, to any joystick button. We used two styles of joysticks to test with, a wireless gamepad and flightstick. Being avid flightsim fans, our preference was the flightstick. Users who are avid console gamers would probably appreciate the wireless gamepad.

Safety benefits

Consider the safety benefits of using automated tracking; a chaser could "lock on" and track a tornado automatically. The software automatically aims the camera during turns and heading changes. There is no need to leave your vehicle during intense lightning to film outside. A MesoDome already has a 360° view of your surroundings, making your vehicle the tripod.

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