MesoDome, LLC

About Brian Reedy

My name is Brian Reedy and I grew up with Brad in the woods of Moultrie county, the cornfields around Sullivan, IL and on the waters of Lake Shelbyville. For the last 5 years I've worked for Coles County 911 and I'm the "go-to" guy when it comes to severe weather. I've put together severe weather reference materials for our dispatch center and I take every opportunity to educate my fellow dispatchers in using NWS resources. I consider monitoring the weather to be a significant part of my job and one of the only ways a I can be proactive in protecting our community. I've gotta tell you if you've never set off the tornado sirens for an entire city it's quite an experience!

During high school I worked as a commercial refrigeration technician performing equipment installation and electronics diagnosis for two and a half years. After graduating high school I attained a degree in Criminal Investigation and worked as salaried manager for a big box retail store for four years where I ran several departments before I was put in charge of safety and loss prevention. My duties in that respect included installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of surveillance systems as well as apprehension of retail theft suspects. After leaving the retail business I worked for a residential heating and air conditioning company where I performed installation and electronics diagnosis for a year and a half before starting with Coles County 911 where I've been ever since.

One thing I truly enjoy is, for lack of a better word, "tinkering". I love to work on electronics, build mechanical machines and modify existing products to do things they were never designed to do. My 25 MPH riding mower with a propane fueled engine is a great example. (I should mention the engine was originally a push mower power plant I rebuilt and modified to suit my needs.) I'll disappear into my workshop and weld, machine, solder, and modify almost anything I can get my hands on and not give up until I've attained perfection. Brad approached me with the idea of the MesoDome knowing my skill set would be a perfect fit with the company and I couldn't agree more!

I've always had an interest in weather but for the most part I chased vicariously through Brad and Scott. With the advent of the MesoDome I finally get the best seat in the vehicle. Live streaming combined with GRLevel 3 and Spotter Network puts me right in the action.