MesoDome, LLC


MesoDome, LLC was formed in January 2011 by member Brad Emel. Since its inception MesoDome has continually developed and tested new ideas and products. We've been through several extensive testing and development cycles, and now we're ready to share our breakthroughs with the storm chasing community. The company is based in Mattoon, Illinois with construction facilities located in Sullivan, Illinois.

At MesoDome, we're storm chasers as well. We've traveled the plains, racking up tens of thousands of miles. Storm chasing is our true passion, and we're out chasing every opportunity we have. This first hand experience has taught us many lessons, and lead us to several inspirational ideas.

Our company goal is to provide the storm chasing community tools that will improve safety, video quality, and situational awareness. With these goals in mind, we've developed a hardware system that is built to last.

The hardware is awesome, but the power and flexibility of our software, the MesoDome Controller makes this thing other worldly. This software is the most powerful component in the MesoDome system. It allows you to control the hardware, zoom in and out, and much more. It makes the MesoDome fully aware of its location and orientation. You can track GPS positions easily with the MesoDome Controller, and keep the camera locked on while moving. There are big things coming down the road.