MesoDome, LLC

Follow the Storm

Capture amazing storm footage with 360° of visibility from a MesoDome Camera System! Simply mount it to your vehicle, calibrate the controller software, and you're ready to stream live video! Syncs up with GPS to track storms while you concentrate on driving. Track moving objects and keep the camera on target, even while you turn!

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What is the MesoDome?

The MesoDome is a revolutionary marriage of hardware and software designed with the storm chaser in mind. It utilizes a dome, robotic controllers, and a camera. Easy to use software helps keep your camera "locked on" while you concentrate on driving. Read more »

How does it work?

  • Mounts to the top of your vehicle.
  • Syncs up with GPS for computer assisted storm tracking.
  • Camera is aimed using a moving map display.
  • Use a joystick and preview window to control the camera manually.

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Mini MesoDome Controller Software